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  • Inside the mossad
  • The Protector (S2)
  • Undercover
  • The 100 (S6)
  • The Rain S2

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  • A.D. Kingdom and Empire (S2)  
  • The Blacklist (S6)  
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  • Designated Survivor (S3)  

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  • Designated Survivor (S3)
  • Inside the mossad
  • The 100 (S6)
  • The Blacklist (S6)
  • The Last Kingdom (S3)
  • The Protector (S2)
  • The Rain S2
  • Undercover

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No Verdict Yet
Designated Survivor (S3)
Inside the mossad
The 100 (S6)
The Blacklist (S6)
The Last Kingdom (S3)
The Protector (S2)
The Rain S2
Black Sails (S1)
Black Sails (S2)
Black Sails (S3)
Black Sails (S4)
Peaky Blinders (S2)

Very Very Good
Designated Survivor (S1)
Frontier (S1)
Frontier (S2)
Frontier (S3)
Hatfields & McCoys
Homeland (S1)
Homeland (S2)
Homeland (S3)
Homeland (S4)
Homeland (S5)
Homeland (S6)
Homeland (S7)
Manhunt: Unabomber
Narcos (S1)
Peaky Blinders (S3)
Peaky Blinders (S4)
Rebellion (S2)
Ripper Street (S2)
Roman Empire (S1)
Roman Empire (S2)
Saints and Strangers
The 100 (S1)
The 100 (S2)
The 100 (S3)
The 100 (S4)
The 100 (S5)
The Blacklist (S1)
The Blacklist (S2)
The Blacklist (S3)
The Blacklist (S4)
The Blacklist (S5)
The Last Kingdom (S1)
The Last Kingdom (S2)
The Punisher (S1)
The Rain
The Umbrella Academy
Troy Fall of a City

Entertaining and Interesting
A.D. Kingdom and Empire (S1)
Designated Survivor (S2)
El Chapo (S1)
El Chapo (S2)
El Chapo (S3)
Formula 1: Drive to Survive
La Catedral del Mar
Narcos (S2)
Narcos (S3)
Reign (S1)
Reign (S2)
Reign (S3)
Reign (S4)
Roman Empire (S3)
Salvation (S1)
Salvation (S2)
Shooter (S1)
Shooter (S2)
Shooter (S3)
The Protector
The Red Tent
Travelers (S1)
Travelers (S2)
Travelers (S3)
Vexed (S1)
Vexed (S2)

Not too bad
Comedians in Cars getting coffee
Marco Polo (S1)
Marco Polo (S2)
The 4400 (S1)
The 4400 (S2)
The Musketeers (S1)

Not my cup of Tea
Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective Agency
The Fix
Brooklyn Nine-Nine

1. Dirty Grandpa  (20-10-2018)
2. David and Goliath  (24-03-2018)
3. The Legend of Hercules  (17-03-2018)
4. The Expendables 2  (24-06-2017)
5. The Expendables  (16-06-2017)
6. The Expendables 3  (10-06-2017)
7. Hummingbird  (27-05-2017)
8. Flypaper  (26-05-2017)
9. The Eagle  (16-07-2016)
10. The Equalizer  (15-07-2016)
11. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb  (27-03-2016)
12. Escape Plan  (26-03-2016)
13. In The Name Of The King  (02-01-2016)
14. 10,000 B.C.  (31-12-2015)
15. The Untouchables  (31-12-2015)
16. Tactical Force  (15-12-2015)
17. Taken 2  (15-12-2015)
18. The Ridiculous 6  (15-12-2015)
19. Bad Ass  (14-12-2015)
20. The Condemned  (14-12-2015)
21. Once Upon a Time in America  (20-11-2015)
22. Escape from Alcatraz  (17-10-2015)
23. Zero Dark Thirty  (12-09-2015)
24. The Departed  (18-07-2015)
25. Iceman  (12-07-2015)
26. Safe  (12-07-2015)
27. Set Up  (12-07-2015)
28. Beowulf & Grendel  (04-07-2015)
29. Elysium  (28-06-2015)
30. Killer Elite  (26-06-2015)
31. Apocalypto  (20-06-2015)
32. The 13th Warrior  (20-06-2015)
33. Blitz  (19-06-2015)
34. Bruna Surfistinha  (10-05-2015)
35. The Bank Job  (03-05-2015)
36. De dominee  (02-05-2015)
37. De Heineken Ontvoering  (02-05-2015)
38. De Marathon  (01-05-2015)
39. Robinson Crusoe  (23-12-2014)
40. New Kids Nitro  (29-11-2014)
41. The Net Three Days  (29-11-2014)
42. The Damned United  (19-11-2014)
43. Immortals  (15-11-2014)
44. The Terminal  (07-09-2014)
45. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time  (06-09-2014)
46. Season of the Witch  (13-08-2014)
47. Kingdom of Heaven  (02-08-2014)
48. The Shawshank Redemption  (01-08-2014)
49. Happy Gilmore  (21-06-2014)
50. Ironclad  (01-02-2014)
51. Centurion  (26-01-2014)
52. The Last Legion  (26-01-2014)
53. Back to the Future  (10-01-2014)
54. Back to the Future Part II  (10-01-2014)
55. Nova Zembla  (10-01-2014)
56. Mr. Bean: The Whole Bean: The Whole Bean: 'Mr. Bean'  (04-01-2014)
57. Mr. Bean: The Whole Bean: The Whole Bean: 'Tee Off, Mr. Bean'  (04-01-2014)
Series I have survived
  Luther 21-04-2019This My Thought is for all the seasons.
If you want to see an exciting, funny, moving, enthralling detective. Then Luther is the place for you.
Simply cool.
Series was actually just too short. And good music too.  Traitors  29-03-2019It started promising.
But too much talk.

No Season 2 for me, if they do another season.  The Blacklist (S5) 06-01-2019  The Umbrella Academy  17-02-2019Leuke cast. Leuke serie, zeer vermakkelijk. En een leuk setje bij elkaar. Mag best een vervolg op komen.  Roman Empire (S3) 05-04-2019Leuk.  Homeland (S7) 12-02-2019This is for the all of Homeland.
Season 1 and 2 are the best.
Although there were some exciting (in every way) episodes in the other seasons.
All of it is good to watch.
And I can not wait for another season.  Rebellion (S2) 01-03-2019Again, a very good story about Ireland.   Formula 1: Drive to Survive 17-03-2019Leuk om te zien en je gaat toch anders denken over een aantal coureurs, na het zien van deze serie. Mooie beelden.   Vexed (S2) 08-03-2019I prefer Kate over DI Georgina Dixon. To be honest.
Good police serie. Absolutely fun.  Vexed (S1) 06-03-2019 Only 3 episodes with Kate.   Travelers (S3) 14-12-2018  The Protector 14-12-2018Opzich een leuk verhaal, alleen de hoofdrolspeler werd wel irritant, in de zin van wel erg voorspelbaar.   1983 01-12-2018Good story. Good casting/characters. Tells you something about Poland.  Salvation (S2) 04-12-2018  Knightfall 30-11-2018Deze stond er opeens niet meer tussen, Seizoen 1 bleek dus afgelopen te zijn. Leuk verhaal, jammer alleen dat er weer Fransen meedoen. Heb me, buiten dat, prima vermaakt met deze serie. En er mag best een Seizoen 2 komen. Speelt zich af ver in de middeleeuwen, toen de Kerk nog de baas was, zegge ze. Een soort van eerdere versie van Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, maar dan met Tempeliers.  Frontier (S3) 30-11-2018  Bodyguard  03-11-2018That was very good. Good storyline, some good violence.  Salvation (S1) 13-10-2018Entertaining series.
And that all this is possible !!!!!!! :)

Something seems to be coming down to Earth, and everyone gets involved. Good and fun story. And in an emergency you do everything, right?
Enough humor too.
  La Catedral del Mar 05-09-2018Hmmmmm. Has some nice historical bits in it. Very predictable story. Anyway, enjoyed watching it.  Rebellion  09-09-2018Interesting story about Ireland during World War I and about the Easter Rising.  Shooter (S3) 22-06-2018  El Chapo (S3) 24-08-2018Nothing to say about this, sorry.   The 100 (S5) 30-04-2018  The Musketeers (S1) 20-07-2018Made it to the The Exiles episode. The first few episodes were fine, good to watch and some good humour in it. But it was to obviously and all that. I know you have to look thru that...... :)  Roman Empire (S2) 27-07-2018This was good. Hope for Season 3, somehow.   Frontier (S2) 07-07-2018  Travelers (S2) 19-06-2018  Frontier (S1) 22-06-2018Great serie. Hope they make more of the Frontier. The end suggest so, but would it.... Anyhow. Nice time area, good subject and amazing story. Original americans (American Indians) and colonists, whom thought they could rule everything (Europeans).  The Rain 04-05-2018Surprising that rain can be made so deadly, but it does give a nice and yet exciting story. Meanwhile, there was already a spoiler alert 3 weeks ago that The Rain 2 is on its way. I like to watch that.  Travelers (S1) 02-03-2018For Travelers S1,S2 and S3.

I had my doubts after the first three or four episodes.
I mean, why do you not see those gigantic character differences in your husband, for example.
But I have put that besides me and looked through that and yeah, I do not know if I would/could run/do such a life.
But enjoyed the series. Would love to see a follow up season. Yeah.
  The Last Kingdom (S2) 18-05-2018This remains fantastic, super and cool. Good story, great time period.  Reign (S4) 25-05-2018This serie is about Queen Mary of Scotland. Not much fighting, so do not expect too much battles. Although there are many word battles. But I did enjoyed this.  Reign (S3) 02-05-2018  Designated Survivor (S2) 28-09-2017It is good, but Season 1 was much better. Entertaining and Interesting.  Troy Fall of a City 13-04-2018  Reign (S2) 21-03-2018  Saints and Strangers  02-04-2018Too bad this serie is 2 episodes only (for now). I like the cast.   The Red Tent 25-03-2018Good for the general knowledge.  Reign (S1) 08-01-2018Series for in between.
Not so much violence. Quite exciting.
Also toxic here and there.
Is for Reign series 1,2,3 and 4.  The Blacklist (S4) 19-01-2018  El Chapo (S2) 24-02-2018This is my last serie about drugs from the continents of America. It has some very good parts. But you do not want to live in these circumstances.   Black Sails (S4) 30-01-2018  El Chapo (S1) 08-01-2018  Homeland (S6) 16-01-2018  Dark 08-01-2018Brilliant. It is a pity that it is in German, boring voices actually, monotonous sound or something like that.   The Punisher (S1) 19-11-2017This was very good. A lot of blood. Good story line.   Manhunt: Unabomber 29-12-2017Enjoyed this very much.  Peaky Blinders (S4) 01-01-2018  Peaky Blinders (S3) 22-12-2017  The Blacklist (S3) 08-12-2017  The Blacklist (S2) 19-11-2017  Godless 24-11-2017If you like Westerns, watch this.
It got everything.  The Blacklist (S1) 28-09-2017This is for the whole Blacklist Serie.
Very good humor. Good characters.
Very exciting, good stories.

A joy to watch this. Yes, and some episodes are predictable. But because of the humor in here, absolutely no spoiler.
  A.D. Kingdom and Empire (S1) 29-09-2017Entertaining and Interesting. Would like to see another season.  Hatfields & McCoys 17-09-2017Very Good  Shooter (S2) 28-07-2017  Narcos (S3) 08-09-2017Entertaining and Interesting.  Narcos (S2) 03-09-2016Watch Seizoen twice Entertaining and Interesting.  The 4400 (S2) 08-04-2017I dislike some characters. Sorry.  Shooter (S1) 23-07-2017This was the best season of the three.  The Last Kingdom (S1) 21-05-2017Very good. England, Vikings. Both a good combination.  The 100 (S4) 03-07-2017  Homeland (S5) 10-07-2017  Homeland (S4) 01-07-2017  The 100 (S3) 20-05-2017  Homeland (S3) 26-06-2017  Homeland (S2) 05-06-2017  Homeland (S1) 21-05-2017This is for the all of Homeland.
Season 1 and 2 are the best.
Although there were some exciting (in every way) episodes in the other seasons.
All of it is good to watch.  Designated Survivor (S1) 31-03-2017Very good.
Exciting in all the ways.  The 100 (S2) 01-04-2017  The 4400 (S1) 25-03-2017Not too bad. I dislike some characters. Sorry.  The 100 (S1) 04-03-2017This for the whole serie of The 100 (1 - 6)
The first seasons were the better ones.

Although I will watch it as long as The 100 is broadcasted, but with Season 6 I do get the feeling that we start all over, literally, but only somewhere else.

But it is good story, very good violence and very exciting, again, in every way.  Roman Empire (S1) 03-03-2017More blood is not bad at all. Very good.  Black Sails (S3) 24-02-2017  Narcos (S1) 12-11-2015Very Good  Marco Polo (S2) 03-07-2016Not too bad. No Need for more  Peaky Blinders (S2) 03-06-2016Enjoyed this very much. Lovely ruthless.   Black Sails (S2) 15-05-2016  Black Sails (S1) 05-05-2016This is for the whole serie (Season 1 - 4).

The time in which it takes place appeals to me.
Comes through the Commodoe 64 games Pirates!


Black Sails is very well put together.  Ripper Street (S2) 19-09-2015I really liked this. Time area is good.   Ripper Street (S1) 17-09-2015  Marco Polo (S1) 19-12-2014Not too bad.  Spartacus: Vengeance 06-04-2014  Spartacus: Gods of the Arena 23-03-2014  Spartacus: Blood and Sand 15-03-2014
Did not Finish this
  Derek (S1)  10-05-2014Not funny at all for me.  The Bible: The Epic Miniseries  24-12-2014  Norseman   23-10-2017Tried it for 4 episodes. It is somewhat stupid most of the times. Was getting bored. It has some good parts. But too few to keep me. I did not like this.  Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective Agency  25-12-2017I am now half way episode 2 of Season 1. Was going to try to take it to Episode 4. But no... I really do not like this.  The Fix  12-01-2019Deze uit mijn lijst gehaald.... Laat maar...  Comedians in Cars getting coffee   12-01-2019Deze uit mijn lijst gehaald.... Laat maar...  Brooklyn Nine-Nine  18-01-2019Toch ongeveer 6 afleveringen gezien, maar over het algemeen, nee...... Deze uit mijn lijst gehaald.... Laat maar...