Finished Frontiers Season 2

Because there was no more, finished watching Frontiers season 2. For more, see my Watching Netflix page. Also finished watching Travelers. Still ongoing with The 100 (S5) and Shooter (S3).


Leek me wel weer een keer lekker. Klein beetje Vodka, beetje fruit, beetje melk en wat ijs (Vanilla en Strawberry (Fields Forever)). En dan krijg je dus deze smeurie….

Fun with 3 oranges

  Fun with 3 oranges. You neemt 3 oranges, stukkie¬†cucumber (2 by 2 cm), schijfje ananas, een paar eetlepels AH Fruitige Drink IT Banaan, enkele theelepels Vodka en 4 bolletjes strawberry ice.   That’s it.

Nice for the Evening – V10CM115

You take an apple, banana, orange, a thing called¬†tangerine, some Vokda, some coconut milk. The things you can cut to pieces, you cut in small pieces, according to the manual of your blender. Use that blender to blender it to your taste.