Museum Days

Visited three museums the last week. 

First on Tuesday October 8th 2019 the Gevangenpoort in Den Haag.
The next day to Naturalis in Leiden, followed by the Warmuseum at Overloon on Thursday.

The T-Rex at Naturalis in Leiden was amazing. But the mini-map of The Netherlands during the last Ice Age was beautiful. So we might know now, how it may look in 30 years time. 🙂

What suprised my at the Gevangenpoort was that there were only two death sentence a year in the Middles Ages in the Netherlands, although you most like will die anyway of the torturing.

Good hardware at the Warmuseum in Overloon.
And also the story about the battle of Overloon is very catching.

Some photos can be found over here.