Tough circumstances in Project Cars 2

Elkhart Lake, with the
Bentley Continental GT3 2015, and the
Circuit de Spa Francorchamps Classic, with the 1977
Lotus 78 Cosworth, was on today’s fixturelist.

With Elkhart Lake we abandoned the snow, icy and blizzard circumstances after 2 or 3 laps.
And swapped that for 15 laps in a thunderstorm, although the settings were thunderstorm, clear and a blizzard. But we were lucky with the thunderstorm only.

Gixxer finished, of course, 1st in Elkhart Lake and VinceDutch did not finish after 13 laps, because the time was up. VinceDutch was about 15 seconds short.

Then it was to the Classic Car Tour Championship with
Spa Francorchamps Classic on the program.

15 laps on this not so difficult 14 km circuit.

VinceDutch managed to finish 7th. One minute and 20 seconds behind winner Gixxer.

On both circuits Gixxer had the pole and the fastest lap.

For the Classic Car Tour championship, Road America is next.
For the Fav14 tour, Mugello, in a Ferrari, is next.

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