Updates, yes and no

Some notes. Watching Netflix is removed from this site.And so is FC Koks City, although club still exist and doing fine inthe bottom tier of the Panenka League, removed. KoksCity Channel 25 has got an better place on the site now.Uploaded some simrace games to that channel. And that is … Read more

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Museum Days

Visited three museums the last week. First on Tuesday October 8th 2019 the Gevangenpoort in Den Haag.The next day to Naturalis in Leiden, followed by the Warmuseum at Overloon on Thursday. The T-Rex at Naturalis in Leiden was amazing. But the mini-map of The Netherlands during the last Ice Age … Read more

Tough circumstances in Project Cars 2

Elkhart Lake, with the Bentley Continental GT3 2015, and the Circuit de Spa Francorchamps Classic, with the 1977 Lotus 78 Cosworth, was on today’s fixturelist. With Elkhart Lake we abandoned the snow, icy and blizzard circumstances after 2 or 3 laps.And swapped that for 15 laps in a thunderstorm, although … Read more

Finished Frontiers Season 2

Because there was no more, finished watching Frontiers season 2. For more, see my Watching Netflix page. Also finished watching Travelers. Still ongoing with The 100 (S5) and Shooter (S3).


Leek me wel weer een keer lekker. Klein beetje Vodka, beetje fruit, beetje melk en wat ijs (Vanilla en Strawberry (Fields Forever)). En dan krijg je dus deze smeurie….