It was racing again yesterday evening.Hung around at the ancient track of Zandvoort, we were in New Hampshire on the Road Coursewith the Dallara 01, also in Project Cars 2 racing at the Red Bull with the Porsche. And somewhere in the middle at Donington Park with the Caterham. About … Read more

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Race site update

New in our Tour|Serie list is the NL Volkswagen Tour for Automobilista 2.But the update in AM2 is postponed, so we cannot start this tour yet. The NL RacingwithFerrari has been moved from Project Cars 2 to Assetto Corsa Competizione.That will be 8 tracks for Season 3 and some of … Read more

No racing for a fortnight

VinceDutch had some hardware issues, so Wyldd Racing was suspended for VinceDutch from October 28th 2021 till November 11th 2021. Last race for VinceDutch was in Project Cars 2 at Brno, which lasted for about 7 laps, when his computer said no. Two weeks later, issue solved (for now) and … Read more

KoksCity.Net | Racing MultiPlayer

Everything below has been moved to KoksCity – laDDY Racing Series and then choose there for Stats and Things and click on F.A.Q.. Update 24-11-2021 :Active Series : 34.Open Series : 7.Archived Series : 1.Ended Series: 2. Archived Series :Delivering_Goods (8 tracks). Ended Series:NL_Euro_FormulaA_GP.NL_iRacing_Ferrari. Ending update 24-11-2021. We race in … Read more

Updates, yes and no

Some notes. Watching Netflix is removed from this site.And so is FC Koks City, although club still exist and doing fine inthe bottom tier of the Panenka League, removed. KoksCity Channel 25 has got an better place on the site now.Uploaded some simrace games to that channel. And that is … Read more

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